My gifts to you!

A Deeper Heart Connection & Greater Creative Influence

 With each embrace

we bring our higher vibrational Beingness

(Higher Self, 5D Consciousness)

more fully into our physical experience


Through a combination of guided meditative exercises and powerful tools individuals are bringing a greater sense of wholeness and Oneness into their every day experience.

This greater wholeness is the result of the releasing limiting beliefs, patterns, traumas and agreements. This is accomplished through a number of different processes that bring low vibrational thoughts, emotions, patterns, triggers and fears back into wholeness while simultaneously freeing our Essential Beingness to BE more fully present within our physical experience.

When an issue is fully released and we think about that issue now, in this  moment, we discover that it doesn’t bother us anymore. We feel different… easier, more relaxed, more comfortable in our skin. It’s like there’s more space inside. There’s a new stillness present. A quiet ease. We feel a greater sense of wholeness. And energy. We feel more energy. More alive.

And when we meet that issue in our daily lives we’re pleasantly surprised to find that we’re no longer triggered or bothered by it. Instead, we find ourselves automatically responding in a new, healthy way without even thinking about it.  And this new expression flows forth as naturally as if we’ve always expressed in this way. It’s so wonderful to experience more of our Beingness present within our 3rd dimensional experience.


It feels like coming Home

With each release we feel a little bit better. And then a little bit better again. It’s cumulative! It feels like coming Home. The more limitation that we release, the more we experience our Beingness (Higher Self,  5th Dimensional Consciousness). As a result, our physical experience feels easier, more enjoyable and even more authentic.

Release by release, we raise our vibration and open to who we really are. In doing so, we naturally reclaim our innate abilities and power as the Creator Beings that we are.


Anything can be released

We can release that which causes us to contract… thoughts, emotions, issues, patterns, old traumas and triggers that make us feel bad or uncomfortable.

We can release energies that are expressing in the physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual (unseen) realms.

We can release the past, present and the future.

And once a limitation is released, then we’re free to embrace that which causes us to open, expand… our Essential Beingness, our Heart, our Source. We amplify and then anchor that high vibrational experience of who we really are, our Essential Beingness, within our personal fields.

And ultimately, we can open and embrace ALL.

“Of all the groups I’ve been involved with, the Art of Embracing is the most practical, simple and effective technique I’ve found.”
~  Nathaniel Parant, Ottawa, ON Canada

It's experiential

This work is mainly experiential, versus being solely theoretical. For when we actually experience what it feels like to shift from a separated state into wholeness we create an energetic pathway. And each time we access this pathway we impress it even more deeply into our personal fields, thus making it even easier to access.

The side-effects are remarkable

With each release we...

  • free ourselves from low vibrational thoughts, patterns, emotions, beliefs, traumas, stories and agreements
  • integrate the polarities (good/bad, material/spiritual, victim/perpetrator, etc.)
  • reclaim our innate creative power as Creator Beings
  • free our Essential Beingness to express more fully within  this physical experience
  • are more easily able to discern between our patterned self (ego) and our Beingness
  • raise our personal vibration
  • enhance our ability to shift into our Center at will
  • reconnect with our innate abilities (intuition, clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience, etc.)
  • experience greater wholeness, space, stillness, peace and energy
  • develop greater competence at shifting into higher vibrations and dimensions
  • enhance our ability to discern subtler and subtler differences in energies and dimensions
  • become even more attuned to what is right and appropriate for us  and our unique  paths
  • naturally move into the fuller expression of our purpose(s) for being focused here within this physical experience
  • manifest things and experiences more quickly
  • bring our higher vibrational Beingness (Higher Self, 5D Consciousness) more fully into our physical experience
  • positively influence the mass consciousness (and beyond)

This work is available as private sessions & workshops

Since every person is so unique and holds a myriad of intentions, needs and preferences this work is offered in both private and group workshop formats.

If you are uncertain as to which format would best fulfill your needs, feel free to contact me to discuss your unique needs.

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