About Karen & the Art of Embracing

  Karen HeywoodKaren’s personal journey has been guided by a number of visions that began at the age of eight. These inner experiences were so profound, so beyond her ‘normal’ state of consciousness, that they left her with the knowing  that there was so much more to Life than she was presently experiencing. These experiences filled her with a deep desire to understand, to learn how to access these profound states at will, and discover how to live life from that  place in consciousness. These experiences moved Karen down many paths of study including the nature of consciousness, many spiritual teachings, meditation, healing, hypnosis, bio-energetics, Reiki, the creative process (law of attraction), patterns, emotions, and intuitively feeling/sensing in, to name but a few. However, it wasn’t until 2010, when she really began to awaken, that life became really  interesting. This is when the Art of Embracing  began Its unfoldment through her. When It first began Its emergence Karen was in absolute awe as she observed the miraculous shifts her clients were experiencing. These amazing results inspired a deep-felt desire to understand precisely  what was happening through her. She wanted to learn how to do this consciously for herself, and then teach others. Her focus was to become adept with embracing  and learn of Its potentials and subtleties. She had to know  how to do this embracing for herself. She had to know  that these miraculous results she was witnessing could be consistently reproduced for all who engaged in this embracing practice. This required time, practice and patience. As Karen was working with the embracing process she would find that certain points within the process were not unfolding as smoothly as she desired. As a result, she would ask for a solution and it would either arise directly from within or she would be drawn to the solution within her external experience. Month by month, year by year, the Art of Embracing  became more refined and even more effective. Fast-forward to this moment… Karen has observed participants repeatedly create shifts that stick. She’s watched the Art of Embracing  bring people (herself included) home to themSelves, their Essential Beingness. Karen has witnessed these embracer’s lives becoming easier, more fulfilling and so much richer. And she’s still in awe as this incredible process continues to unfold through her.

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