Emotions are like Glue

Emotions are like the glue that hold a patterned way of thinking, feeling, believing or acting in place. I know this to be true because every time I release an emotional upset for a client, I find that the pattern dissolves and the client’s thoughts and behaviours naturally shift into a more positive place. They don’t have to try to remember to ‘be positive’ any more.

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Being an empath

Being an empath can be a curse until one masters this innate ability to pick up on other people’s energies. Until this is mastered empaths are often unconsciously influenced by others’ thoughts, feelings desires, and emotional states.

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Would you like to boost your confidence?

If you’re like most people, there’s probably an area in your life where you’d like to boost your confidence. And here’s the good news… increasing one’s confidence is much easier than you might imagine.

Most of us have tried all sorts of strategies to deal with the critical voices that erode our confidence. You know the ones that tell us that were not enough, that we’re unworthy or undeserving. And often times we don’t even hear a verbal message but are just flooded with the emotions of insecurity and fear.

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How do you treat yourself more lovingly?

When we think about treating ourselves more lovingly, resistance can arise. This is because the majority of our associations with love have been conditional. Conditional love says, “I’ll love you if… you act the way I want you to act, dress the way I want you to dress, etc., etc.” We received this message repeatedly in childhood, through religious training, mainstream media, and music.

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What to do when you’re triggered

The experience of being triggered is very much like being sucked up by a tornado, caught in the spin. Everything is spinning so fast and so crazily that we’re unable to think clearly. We’re no longer in our Center, in the eye (“I”) of the storm, but swirling totally out of control.

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