What to do when you’re triggered

What to do when you’re triggered

When we’re triggered, the first thing to remember is that this is actually a fantastic opportunity. This issue/pattern is arising because the life force that enlivens this pattern (which is a part of our Essential Beingness that got separated off) desires to be freed so that it can express more fully in our physical experience.

As we learn the Art of Embracing we quickly discover what it feels to be Centered, how it feels to be in that neutral, zero-point position. As we release more and more patterns we naturally live our lives from this Centered place more often. Then it becomes really obvious when we’re triggered.

Caught in the Swirl

The experience of being triggered is very much like being sucked up by a tornado, caught in its swirl. Everything is spinning so fast and so crazily that we’re unable to think or see clearly. When we’re caught up in this swirl it’s very difficult to make a different choice. There’s often an overwhelming feeling-experience of panic or fear. We feel  it happening. Often we know  we’re caught. We know we’ve been triggered. However, when we’re caught up in this whirlwind, it can be very difficult to shift out of this crazy state.

How to get back to Center

When we’re adept at the Art of Embracing we’re able to shift back into our Center at will.


And if we’ve been triggered it’s impossible to embrace that issue if we’re not in our Center. If you are finding it challenging to get back to your Center it’s easiest to shift your attention first to something that makes you feel better. The objective is to shift out of the overwhelm, panic, fear or tension and access the higher vibrational feelings of openness, ease and relaxation.

Below are a few suggestions as to how to get back to Center…

—– 1. Stop thinking about the issue
2. Don’t talk about the issue to others or to yourself
3. Focus on thoughts and feelings that make you feel better
  • Meditate
  • Listen to the Heart-Breath Meditation (You’ll be asked to sign up for free access.)
  • Breathe… slow and deep. And place your attention upon the feeling-experience of the body… how the air feels passing through the body’s nose and filling the lungs… and how it feels to exhale and let go.
  • Listen to music that you find uplifting
4. Get physical – get those “happy brain chemicals” pumping 😉
  • Dance
  • Exercise – hike, bike, run, work out, gardening, walking
  • Yoga
  • Smile at yourself in the mirror, even though you know it’s a totally fake smile. You’ll break out laughing at how goofy that fake smile looks.
  • Go for a drive, walk, run and listen to music that moves you

Once we’re back in our Center then  we can embrace that energy form, that trigger.

And the good news is that each embrace and subsequent release makes it even easier to get back to Center. As we get clearer it also becomes easier to discern the subtler qualities of an impending “spin” and embrace the issue “on the fly” before we get sucked into the “swirl”.

And, just in case you’re not familiar with the Art of Embracing
process, it produces real, measurable results. It guides participants through the process of how to shift into Center as well as how to release patterns and triggers.

To find out more about the Art of Embracing click here.


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