Being an empath

Being an empath

Being an empath can feel like a curse until one masters this innate ability to pick up on other people’s energies. Until this is mastered empaths are often unconsciously influenced by others’ thoughts, feelings desires, and emotional states.

As children many of us discovered that if we were ‘good’ the people around us tended to be calmer and easier to be around. And even though we didn’t really enjoy putting our desires on the back shelf, it was better than trying to deal with the incredibly uncomfortable emotions that arose when we went against what others wanted. This is how many of us ended up becoming people pleasers. It wasn’t so much that we wanted to please others, but rather we wanted to avoid the pain we feel in the presence of others’ emotional upsets.

We learned that we could (sort of) control the emotional reactions of others by acquiescing to their desires.  Unfortunately in the process of doing that many of us lost sight of our Center (our sense of Self, our Higher Self) and our desires.

The real solution to this overwhelming discomfort is learning how to manage this empathic ability so that it works for us. I have found 4 key abilities that have helped me, and my clients, better manage the energies.

  1. Knowing how to move into your Center at will
  2. Knowing how to discern between your energies and others’ energies
  3. Knowing how to energetically disconnect from people, places and things
  4. Release the patterns and beliefs that cause you pain. (Patterns such as: people pleasing, being “nice’, hiding who we really are, acquiescing to other’s desires, disconnection from our own desires, it’s selfish to think of myself first, feeling unworthy, undeserving, etc.)

I have found that #4, releasing patterns and beliefs that cause you pain is the fastest way to achieve 1, 2, 3 & 4. When a pattern is released one easily and naturally becomes more attuned to one’s Beingness (Soul, Spirit, Higher Self). Immediately, people feel more comfortable in their skin. And it becomes not only easier to be here, but actually enjoyable!



Would you like to boost your confidence?

Would you like to boost your confidence?


If you’re like most people, there’s probably an area in your life where you’d like to boost your confidence. And here’s the good news… increasing one’s confidence is much easier than you might imagine.

Most of us have tried all sorts of strategies to deal with the critical voices that erode our confidence. You know the ones that tell us that were not enough, that we’re unworthy or undeserving. And often times we don’t even hear a verbal message but are just flooded with the emotions of insecurity and fear.

One of the most effective ways to deal with these negative voices and emotions is to remind ourselves…

  1. this is simply a program that’s been activated,
  2. and this program is animated by MY Lifeforce, and
  3. and this Lifeforce is caught up in this program.

Doing this helps reduce the emotional charge and makes it easier to move into a more neutral position. Once you’re feeling a little more centered then…

  1. do your best to access the feeling of compassion,
  2. with each exhalation imagine breathing this compassion into that aspect of yourself that feels insecure,
  3. breathe compassion until you feel better about yourself

If your critical voices are really loud it can be quite difficult to access compassion to calm all this noise down. If you really want to be free quickly you may want to consider a private session.

In the meantime, be gentle with yourself, and breathe.



What is a pattern?

What is a pattern?

Throughout my personal journey I have explored many different forms of healing. However, I was repeatedly disappointed to find that the deeper patterns always found to a way to reassert themselves. This drove me on, searching for understanding, for answers, searching for a way that actually worked.

It wasn’t until the Art of Embracing  began to unfold through me that I began to understand that patterns are more than just computer-like programs. Each pattern actually contains a part of our Beingness that has been split off, become separated. It’s a fragmented part of our Essential nature that has been rejected by others, and then, by ourselves. In fact, every pattern contains a part of our Beingness that’s been locked away, banished. And just as we feel the pain and hurt of rejection, so does it.

I then understood why pushing against a bad feeling/pattern – trying to make it go away by ignoring it, avoiding it, or concentrating upon its opposite – doesn’t work for very long, especially with the really deep issues. Repeated rejection only serves to feed the pattern, giving it more power over us.

With this understanding I began to shift all the judgment, resistance and aversion I had held in relation to disruptive patterns. I began to approach disruptive patterns from a place of heart-felt compassion rather than trying to change or get rid of them. As I learned to perceive them as Living Beings, as patterned Presences, their defenses softened. As I stayed present with whatever was arising they would relax, expand and ultimately dissolve within this complete acceptance, this embrace. As they dissolved, this space would be filled with Expansiveness, Light or Beingness.

And the shift is permanent! The pattern doesn’t  re-emerge. Needless to say I was absolutely thrilled, ecstatic! I’d finally found a way that really works!


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