Level 2 ~ Releasing Even Deeper Issues

Level 2 ~ Releasing Even Deeper Issues

Prerequisite ~ Level 1 – The Art of Embracing Releasing Process

In this 6-week teleseminar you’ll fine-tune your embracing skills and release even deeper issues, issues that have become foundational aspects of your personality structure. As you continue to release this deeper patterning the old discomfort and noise is replaced with a silence. It feels like there’s more space to just Be You. Your experience becomes infused with a greater ease and fluidity. With each release life becomes more and more enjoyable.

Week # You’ll learn how to free yourself from…
victim & perpetrator
embarrassment & shame
insecurity & lack
feeling not enough, not good enough


We’ll also be spending more time and attention on amplifying your awareness of who you really are. As you become more attuned to your unique energetic signature it becomes easier and easier to access the broader, more Expanded You at will. When you know what You feel like, it becomes so much easier to come back to your Center, even when you’ve been triggered.


As you continue your embracing practice you’ll continue to hone your ability to…

  • shift into the witness/observer position
  • release emotionally charged issues
  • effectively work through resistance
  • improve your intuitive abilities
  • develop a greater sense of who you really are
  • shift into your Center, faster
  • increase your trust in yourself
  • shift your state at will
  • really love yourself
  • free yourself from blockages

Fantastic Value

If you want to free yourself to Be who you came here to be & create a deeply fulfilling life, the Art of Embracing Teleseminar will provide you with the tools and experience.

The Next Art of Embracing ~ Level 2

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