Negativity Clearing


Negativity Clearing

It’s always negative patterns, trauma, limiting beliefs and agreements that prevent us from attracting and experiencing our heart’s desires.


Negativity Clearing is a super-quick way to permanently delete old programs from your energy field & physical nervous system, and  download a new heart-centered perspective that’s freeing, supportive and nurturing. Negativity Clearing dissolves patterns we have inherited through ancestral memory, the DNA, patterns originating in past lives, and in our physical, mental & emotional fields of our personal self in this life experience.

This process can be applied to any  desire - whether you desire greater happiness, health & vitality, more satisfying relationships, the attainment of career goals, greater emotional stability, more inner peace, heightened prosperity and/or accelerated spiritual growth.

Releasing Blockages to…

  • Healthy, fulfilling relationships
  • Accessing clear inner guidance
  • Being our own best friend (versus being a victim of the mean inner critic)
  • Accessing our innate inner power
  • Accelerated spiritual growth
  • Greater confidence
  • Heightened prosperity


Once blockages are transformed it’s amazing to witness how quickly people’s lives change. Solutions suddenly pop into consciousness. The path becomes clear. Things effortlessly fell into place. Opportunities arrive on the doorstep. Information and resources appear. People with just the right qualities show up.


Imagine how great it would be to…

  • dissolve that invisible glass ceiling
  • step off the gerbil wheel by healing repetitive patterns, beliefs & traumas
  • align with and empower your heart’s desires
  • wake up in the morning full of passion and energy
  • transform struggle and strife
  • attract magic and joy into your experience


You don't have to wait any longer to feel good!
You can go here to set up an appointment or contact Karen for more info.



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