It’s easier than you think! 

When we think about treating ourselves more lovingly, resistance can arise. This is because the majority of our associations with love have been conditional. Conditional love says, “I’ll love you if… you act the way I want you to act, dress the way I want you to dress, etc., etc.” We received this message repeatedly in childhood, through religious training, mainstream media, and music.


Solution… bypass all the conditional programming!



This is the easy part. Recall a memory where you felt appreciation. I’ve found it easiest to access appreciation through my memories of being in nature… a beautiful sunset, hearing a hawk in the distance, or watching animals play. Spend 3 to 5 minutes (or longer) hanging out in that memory. Focus your attention upon the good feelings and anything that amplifies those good feelings.

When I spend time with these memories, energetically I’m amplifying those good feeling-experiences in my personal energy field. And what’s cool is that science is now proving that spending time in good feelings actually affects our physical body in a positive way.

And, when I hang out in those good feelings, amplifying them in my personal energy field, I naturally attract more people, situations and opportunities, that external stuff brings even more good feelings into my experience.


Try this upon arising in the morning!


When I do this appreciation exercise (above) upon arising in the morning my day unfolds in a much more harmonious manner.

It took a little practice but as I continued to practice, those good feelings became easier to access and I experienced that goodness more and more deeply every day.

Have fun with this. Don’t make it a chore. Look for things that evoke appreciation and it’ll become easier and easier. Enjoy!



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